Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes by Broadline Farrier Solutions

Broadline Farrier Solutions is proud to partner with VICTORY RACING PLATES. For 85 years VICTORY racing plates have been the choice of more thoroughbred champions, including more Triple Crown winners, than any other brand. Worldwide the name VICTORY is synonymous with innovation, performance and dependability. All of our Hanton Horseshoe designs utilize VICTORY products.

"Glue-on shoes are often thought of as only being used for horses with 'bad feet'. We want to change that. With Hanton Horseshoes, we hope to help make glue-on shoes mainstream. We want this to be the new 'normal' way to shoe horses." - Pat Broadus



Pat Broadus and Matt Spoerlein are lifelong friends who share a passion for horses and hoof care.  With a combined six decades of experience as certified farriers in a wide variety of breeds and disciplines, they are sought after up and down the East Coast to work on racehorses and sport horses.  But after decades of "traditional" shoeing techniques, they knew there had to be a better, more natural way to protect horses' feet.  This innovative thinking led to the development of Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes, which are now revolutionizing the industry - one horse at a time.

We are farriers who knew there had to be a better way to shoe horses.

Who We Are...