Farriers across the country are raving about how Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes offer so many new options for their equine customers.  While the innovative design allows a horse's foot to be protected without sacrificing natural function, the size and shape of the tabs also allow the shoe to be applied in a variety of ways to best suit each individual horse and situation. Farriers have the option of using glue-only application techniques, or can easily incorporate traditional nails if they choose, using as few as a single nail on each side of the hoof.  In addition, Hanton's patented application process using unique plastic "blisters" makes application of shoes faster, easier, and safer for both horse and farrier. 

No glue locking in the heels!

"We took the prototypes to Gulfstream Park that year and started putting them on horses, and immediately started seeing a difference," said  Spoerlein.  "(Multiple graded stakes winner) Forest Music was the first big horse we put them on.  We used them on a lot of the horses in Mark Shuman's stable there, and he ended up setting a new record for number of wins at Gulfstream.  We knew we were on to something.  So after a decade of pursuing and tweaking this design concept, we believe we've figured out how to improve on what nature intended a hoof to do.  These shoes allow the foot to function as freely as possible, they're not invasive, and they don't compromise the integrity of the foot, thereby allowing it to be as strong as it could be.  Also, it was important to us to provide a product that was simple to use and utilized quick application techniques, making farriers' jobs easier."

Forest Music. Photo: NYRA/Adam Coglianese

"Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes are great for horses with brittle walls, heel problems, and in helping to correct elongated toes with underrun heels. Farriers have a greater degree of flexibility in shaping a foot because our shoes help to actually cradle a horse's foot, supporting and strengthening the side quarters of the hoof.  But regardless of the character or condition of the hooves, these shoes are ideal for ANY horse," Broadus emphasized.  "Glue-on shoes are often thought of as only being used for horses with 'bad feet'. We want to change that. With Hanton Horseshoes, we hope to help make glue-on shoes mainstream. We want this to be the new 'normal' way to shoe horses."

Hoof damage from horseshoe nails.

Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes are burning up the Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racetracks from coast to coast.  But they're not just for racing.  Hanton Horseshoes are also popular for sport horses: they can be made to accommodate studs, and the patent-pending tab design helps keep the shoe secure on the foot through the toughest athletic demands, often exceeding the performance of traditional shoes. Hanton Horseshoes are ideal for therapeutic use as well, as they can be welded for any needed modification (such as custom bar shoes). And they're safe: if a horse does pull a shoe, the special tabs are designed to simply roll over if the horse steps on it - there are no nails to impale a foot.

Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes are here to help every horse have a great foot, for life.

After decades of utilizing traditional farrier techniques, the founders of Broadline Farrier Solutions were inspired to make a change which eventually led to the creation of the Hanton Glue-On Horseshoe design. "As horseshoers we see a lot of horses with sore feet, heel problems, and blowing abscesses, and we knew we could do something better," said Broadus. "We thought, 'there has to be a better way'." 

"We started experimenting with the concept in 2003, trying to figure out how to allow the hoof mechanism to function normally," explained co-founder Matt Spoerlein.  "We tried the tabs in different locations, and finally decided that the best location for both function and durability was on either side at the start of the lateral cartilage of the hoof."

"One of the biggest advantages of our Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes  is the shape and size of the tabs, which allow the shoe to be applied with no glue whatsoever from the widest part of the foot back: only the tabs themselves are glued to the hoof," explained Broadus. "Therefore the heels aren't 'locked in' with glue, allowing the back of the foot to flex and take concussion the way it's meant to. Also, the design of our shoes allows the farrier to place the shoe on the hoof and then set it down while the glue dries, with the hoof in the most natural position possible. The combination of where the glue is placed and the method by which it dries allows a shod hoof to achieve the maximum shock-absorbing capacity possible and the hoof mechanism can function naturally."

This is where Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes are different.

"Traditional" horse shoes, whether applied with nails or glue, have serious drawbacks which can affect the long-term health of a horse's foot as well as performance. Attaching shoes with nails creates small holes and weakens hooves, which can lead to damaged walls, sore feet, and loose shoes. When using glue to attach shoes, tradition dictates that glue be applied over the entire perimeter of the shoe from heel to toe and the horse's foot is held off the ground until the adhesive has "set". While effective in securing the shoe to the foot, unfortunately this method locks the back of the horse's foot into its most contracted position as if in a cast, restricting the heels from being able to flex and absorb the shock from each footfall as nature intended. "A hoof naturally flexes from the widest part of the foot back through the heels, dissipating the force from weight and movement," said co-founder Pat Broadus. "For shoes to be of maximum benefit to the horse, they have to allow for this natural expansion of the foot with each step."

Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes are unlike any shoes 
you've seen or used before. 
Their secret: the innovative design & application process. 
(It's so amazing, we've been awarded a patent for it!)

Our new patent-pending application process.

Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes shown here after six weeks of wear - still secure!

Another win for Hanton! Photo: Heath Taylor Racing

Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes by Broadline Farrier Solutions